Our clients know their business better than anyone. We listen with a practiced ear to get to know who you are today and where you want to be tomorrow. The mission of DISCOVERY is to understand your needs, values, work processes and culture. We then use this knowledge to create a STRATEGY- the foundation for brand experience, space programming, planning and managing organizational change.

We understand that your vision must be considered simultaneously along with the demands of flexibility, cost-control and schedules. Through Strategy & Discovery we help our clients navigate design decisions that will impact business performance and realize their visions for new ways of working, collaborating and learning.

Our process is driven by people, research and data, ultimately helping you get to a smarter, more informed design. By posing important questions and employing a variety of engagements and analytical tools, we unearth the inspirations and constraints that enable mission statements, values and performance metrics to transform into real experiences.

Our services include:


  • Workplace Strategy (including Flexible and Activity based Strategies)
  • Brand + Experience Design Strategy


  • Space Programming & Planning
  • Design Standards & Guidelines
  • Real Estate Portfolio Planning


  • Building Positioning & Tenant Improvement
  • Change Management