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Willis Towers Watson

A transformation towards agile and collaborative work environments for Willis Towers Watson's global offices.

Projects 2

Services Architecture, Interior Design, Lighting

Sectors Financial, Workplace

Spacious atrium lobby featuring high ceilings with geometric skylights, a large scale wood-paneled reception desk, sleek gray sofas on patterned area rugs, and airy greenery, embodying modern corporate design.

HLW has partnered with Willis Towers Watson (WTW) to transform their workplaces globally, ensuring each location meets the needs for a productive and positive environment. With the creation and implementation of workplace guidelines, HLW blends the WTW brand with local flavors, emphasizing activity-based working within corporate yet collaborative spaces. Notable among these projects is the phased refurbishment of London’s Willis Tower, where WTW transitioned to a fully agile workspace to enhance logistics, operation efficiency, and cultural integration post-merger of Willis and Towers Watson. This 260,000 square foot renovation included diverse work settings, social areas, and a significant addition of a large conference centre and a training academy, fostering new revenue streams and revitalizing underutilized areas to support the efficient and effective collaboration of newly integrated teams.

Development and implementation of global workplace guidelines following the merger of Willis and Towers Watson.

Strategic refurbishment of 260,000 sf project in London's Willis Tower, transitioning WTW to a fully agile office environment.

Enhanced collaboration through the introduction of various work settings, team huddle zones, and social areas.

Modern commercial building interior visible through floor-to-ceiling glass facade; sleek design featuring natural stone walls, minimalist furniture with pops of purple accents, and warm lighting enhancing an inviting, open-plan layout.
A contemporary office break room, featuring charcoal gray flooring, sleek white cabinetry, and a geometric-patterned accent wall with mathematical illustrations. Two professionals engage in conversation at a minimalist table with functional seating, illuminated by natural light from adjacent windows.
Willis Towers Watson London
Modern corporate reception area featuring a curved white desk with ambient lighting, flanked by two individuals in business attire. The backdrop showcases the company name, 'Willis Towers Watson,' in large lettering, set against contrasting gray acoustic panels, beneath a sleek strip-lit ceiling.
Open-plan office lobby with floor-to-ceiling glass walls. Central seating pod with integrated technology, flanked by casual chairs and felt dividers. Dynamic contrast between bustling exterior and focused collaborative spaces within.
Spacious modern office atrium with high ceilings, wooden beams, and expansive windows. A mix of red and white chairs are paired with natural wood tables. A wooden staircase with glass balustrade leads to the upper level, enhancing the airy, open-plan design.
Willis Towers Watson Dublin
Modern conference room featuring an elongated wooden table surrounded by black office chairs, with a vibrant green carpet mimicking grass. An artistic ceiling panel displays a white abstract city map design, complemented by recessed lighting. Large screen and white drapes adorn the adjacent wall.
Spacious modern atrium with high ceilings, wooden accents on wall panels and staircases, floor-to-ceiling windows allowing natural light, complemented by contemporary furniture and indoor greenery.

Willis Towers Watson Projects